Best of Aurora
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Every year you hear “check out this place, it’s amazing” and “I just had the best food at…” and now it’s your chance to vote on who is the best in our 2020 Best of Aurora campaign!

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Best of Aurora will have a two-stage voting system--a nominations round and a final voting round.

In the first stage, we give readers complete power with an open-ended nominations ballot form that includes 319 categories from Best Burger to Best Hair Salon. Any Aurora business can be nominated in one or multiple categories.

In the final stage, the nominees with the most overall votes in each category, make it to the multiple choice final vote. The top vote-getters in each category are named the Best of Aurora!

This is a completely reader-driven vote. Our editors have no say in the winners.

Feel free to use anything you want from this page to help get you over the top! The ballot's 319 awards are divided up into 15 categories. Check which category you're in and start promoting!

First, the essential info:

Nominations: Through February 26h
Final Voting: Begins late March

- One vote per person per category for each round
- Voters must provide a valid email address to be entered
- You are not permitted to fill out or submit ballots on behalf of another individual

Full Ballot:
Bestofaurora. vote

How We're Promoting It

The Sentinel markets Best of Aurora to residents and frequent visitors through as many channels as humanly possible, including:

  • Print advertisements in Sentinal Colorado during the nomination round, finals round and once the winners are announced
  • Online and mobile advertising across the SentinelColoradoour Instagram Pageour Facebook Page
  • Email marketing to Sentinel Colorado network

How You Can Promote Your Business

  1. Share the appropriate ballot link on your Facebook page during the voting period. After all, you'll need to get some love from your customers in order to make it into the finals round. Use the hashtag #BestofAurora.
  2. You can link directly to any subcategory, just click the subcategory in the navigation to discovery the full link.
  3. Download the image at the top of this article and share it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with links to vote.
  4. Encourage your best customers, friends, family and employees to vote for you and direct them to
  5. Purchase an online ballot ad. There's still space in many categories.Contact your sales representativetoday to talk about available opportunities.
  6. Post photos of your business on social media.
  7. Email and/or reach out to your customer base about voting for you.
  8. Promote your participation in Best of Aurora on your website.
  9. Prompt employees to talk with customers about voting in Best of Aurora

Ready to get started?

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