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Category Packages

Category Sponsor• $250 per category or three for $600

Super-targeted ad unit that appears next to your selected category during nominations. On desktop, your ad appears directly to the right of the nomination. On mobile it appears at the top of the nomination form.

Note, there is a maximum of three category ad sponsor spots per category.
There is also the option to buy exclusive rights to one or more categories!

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Autofill of your business name with logo • $100

List your business name directly below the nomination ballot's write-in line and make it easy for voters to just click on a circle and nominate you instead of typing out an entry. A great way to help garner votes from forgetful voters, or ones who are poor spellers--make it easy for them!  Includes you business logo as well!

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Get maximum exposure for one of the main category segments for the first round of Best of Aurora

Category Promotions

Winning Sentinel's Best of Aurora Readers' Poll is an honor. But in order to win, you need to be nominated enough to make it to the finals.

Overall Sponsor

Get the best overall branding exposure as the exclusive presenting sponsor of the nominations and final voting rounds of Best of Aurora